“We don’t make movies to make money, we make money to make more movies.”

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Colton haaker’s rare exception - trailer

A intimate vignette into Colton Haaker’s life. We chased Colton all over the globe in 2018 to bring his story to life.

Role: Creative Direction, Co-Producer, Photographer, Cinematographer, & Graphic Design.

Film cut by: Travis Valtierra, Patrick Tohmas, Daniel McGinnis


in this wilderness

Short film for Triumph Motorcycles, META, Danner Boots, and National Parks Wyoming.

Role: Photographer, Videographer, Drone operator.

Film Edit, Color, and VO written by Ben Giese.



Short film for META and Husqvarna Motorcycles featuring the new Husqvarna Vitpilen 701.

Role: Creative Direction, Cinematographer, Editor. Additional footage provided by Husqvarna.



I was invited along with World Champion, Colton Haaker to produce a 90 second video part for ESPN's XGames. The concept is to make a video without the use of ramps to show the true feeling of real moto. We custom built a mile long motocross/supercross/endurocross track on top of a mountain in Tres Pinos, California and shot the entire line in one shot.

Role: Director of Photography/Cinematographer/Editor.



We made the drive from Denver to Fort Laramie, Wyoming to sit smack dab in the middle of the moons shadow. The night was spent looking at planets and far away galaxies. I wouldn't trade experiences like these for anything



Heater was filmed over the 4th of July weekend in 2016 showcasing Colton Haaker's back yard track and how he destroys it.

Role: Creative Direction, Director of Photography, Editor, Cinematographer.



Short films showcasing Colton Haaker.

Role: Creative Direction, Director of Photography, Cinematographer, Editor.



Commissioned by Scullcandy to create a short film welcoming Ryan Dungey to the Scullcandy family.

Role: Director of Photography, Cinematographer, Editor.



Hanny is a 13 episode web series shot for motosport.com featuring motocross/freeride legend Josh Hansen as he trained and built his own race team to make a return to racing in 2015.

Role: Creative Direction, Director of Photography, Cinematographer, Editor,.


Aerial drone cinematography

Nothing beats quality footage fro the sky!


plaeco short film series

A variety of short films produced for PLAECO


RED bull signature series. (2012/2013)

While working with VurbMoto our team took on the challenge of creating a full length TV feature for Red Bull to add to their Signature Series.

Role: Cinematographer.


Racer x post race show 2012/2013)

While working with VurbMoto our team created the Racer X Post Race Show and countless other highlight films based around coverage of the AMA Pro Motocross Series.

Role: Co-Cinematographer/Editor.